Ann Marie for Assembly

Recently Vice President Mike Pence tweeted out a video playing Paul Harvey’s famous speech “So God made a Farmer”. The speech discusses the need for someone strong enough to work the long hours required by farming, gentle and compassionate enough to take care of both animals and people in need, and to do it all to help and feed others, as no one does farming for the glory or the money.

It is the kind of quality we once looked for in our political leaders, but has long since been lost. In these turbulent days of vitriol and divisiveness along political lines, where the needs of the politician seem to be more important than the needs of the people, where taxation without representation is the rule of the day, what we truly need in office is not another lawyer or political hack, we need a farmer. Ann Marie Heizmann is that person.

Being the 1st Female President of the Seneca County Farm Bureau, Ann Marie has fought tirelessly for the rights of individuals to live their lives without government intervention. As a business owner and farmer herself (and yes farming is a business), Ann Marie has spent the last 15 years running Meadeville Farm. She has dealt with the onerous government regulations that come with farming, the long hours for little pay, the planning, staffing, paperwork, equipment maintenance, animal husbandry, permits, and inspections, while actually producing crops and raising livestock.

As the “So God made a Farmer” speech discusses, the farmer is up before dawn, working in the field all day, and then finds time at night to go to a school board meeting. Ann Marie has done that, being not only involved in the Farm Bureau, but also involved in Cornell Cooperative Extension, Chamber of Commerce, Parish Council of her Church, Habitat for Humanity, Little League and Soccer Coach, Special Education Committees, and various fundraisers, while finding time to volunteer at Elementary schools and teach Sunday School.  It is for this reason she received the Paul Harris Fellowship for “Service above Self” from the Waterloo Rotary in 2019, and she is not even a member of the Rotary Club.

Prior to farming, her professional background included teaching and training worldwide to military personnel, first responders, and water departments as a Support Engineer and Chemist specializing in anti-terrorism.  She also taught both IT Technology and Chemistry Labs at both the elementary and collegiate level.  As a Chemist early in her professional career she learned the requirement of being detail oriented. She knows that the devil is in the details and passing a bill before you read it is not acceptable.

Having raised a special needs child, she understands the needs of those sometimes forgotten by society and has continued to reach out and help by involving herself in Special Education Committees and community service programs. She did all this while obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from William Smith College.

A true fighter with abundant energy, Ann Marie is also a fitness instructor for Insanity, PiYo, SH1FT/L1FT and Silver Sneakers courses. Paul Harvey pointed out that a farmer needs to be tough, strong enough to deal with what life throws at them, yet gentle and compassionate enough to tend the needs of others, willing to sacrifice themselves for the service of others. Ann Marie Heizmann has these qualities and these are the qualities we need in our next representative in the NY Assembly.

Contact the Campaign Mgr. (845) 421-8526 or for more information or to volunteer.